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My name is Gail. I’m 34 years old and a psoriasis sufferer for 22 years.  I have created this blog to track my progress on my path to healing psoriasis using natural methods (diet, herbs, lotions etc.).  I have decided to take this route as a result of a severe reaction to a drug called Humira.   Prior to this reaction I was fully aware of all the dangerous side effects of not only this drug, but also the potentially life threatening side effects of the multitude of other drugs I had used in an effort to rid myself of the humiliating lesions upon my body.  Why then would I still choose to use these drugs knowing they could potentially be fatal? 

Despite the side effects, I chose to take these prescription meds in an attempt to rid myself of a disease that pushed me down to a bottomless and lifeless pit of pain and embarrassement on a daily basis.  I told myself that the side effects would be worth being able to feel like a “normal” person.  WRONG. I was so wrong.  When my very life was put to a test, I rethought my decision to use these meds (Humira, Enbrel, Methotrexate and the list goes on and on) or any others like it.

I have researched in the past two weeks ways that the body can naturally heal without using such dangerous drugs.  My research has unveiled not only many available natural alternatives, but it has also given me a better understanding of why Psoriasis targets the skin.  I think my efforts to clear myself will very much so be trial and error. 

Some researchers (several actually) that I found on the internet claim that Psoriasis is due to a condition called Leaky Gut.  In short the condition , to my best understanding of it, is when the foods you consume don’t digest properly and result in toxins being created and leaking out of the digestive system into your body.  To rid your body of these toxins, your body uses your skin as a last resort to try to get the toxins excreted from your body.  The internet gives many ways in which a person can resolve this condition.

During my research I stumbled upon a diet called the Dr. Pagano  Psoriasis Diet. (You can read more about this on the following site: http://www.psoriasis-aid.com/pagano_psoriasis_diet/index.php).  In brief, this diet involves cutting out night shade veggies (tomatoes, white potatoes and eggplant).  It also gives other diet restrictions such as fried foods, sodas and etc.  Other research I did told me that Dr. Pagano’s approach also involved chiropractics and staying stress free.  The above site gave me a name of a couple books Dr. Pagano wrote regarding his theories.  I have read many positive success stories. Although this route seems quite challenging and takes away all my favorite foods; I am using it as my first trial.  I have ordered both of his books and should be receiving them in a couple days.

I have decided to slowly rid myself of eating tomato products as my first attempt at Dr Pagano’s diet.  This will be quite challenging because i’m the kind of person that likes ketchup on her ketchup!  Fortunately I have already broke the soda habit a year ago as a result of a Gall Bladder surgery.   My first tomato free day was today..EPIC FAIL…(smiling as I type).  I had nachos and salsa as part of my lunch.  Looking back on it, I am proud of myself for not gobbling it down as normal.. i used just a couple tablespoons this time..  i’m telling myself..baby steps count too.